Working Capital & M&A Solutions

Working Capital Solutions

Strategic alternatives are out of the scope of your normal business activity. So, whether you are considering new lines of business, acquisitions, a sale, merger or a consolidation of your business, we can bring objective financial and operational advice to these critical decisions. Before making any M&A related decisions you need to understand the marketplace, your valuation, and your financing options. We have a dedicated team of M&A experts on staff to ensure that you have the right outcome at the right price.

Working Capital Solutions
  • Succession Planning
  • Debt Advisory
  • ESOP Evaluation and Execution
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Deal Structuring and Financial Modeling
  • Capitalization Planning and Evaluation of Financial Alternatives
  • Data Room Management
Succession Planning


Corporate Finance Advisory


Debt Advisory


ESOP Evaluation and Execution


Acquisition Finance


Liability Management


M&A Integration and Consolidation Support

We believe that critical information for integration planning comes from due diligence findings and recommendations. A smooth transition of knowledge from the due diligence team to the integration team can maintain the deal’s momentum and increase deal value. We are focused on leveraging valuable time to jump start integration planning activities pre-close in order to engage the right resources to lead the integration, leverage due diligence findings, formulate a vision, and deploy a structure to govern the process.

Deal Structuring and Financial Modeling

We focus on the main tools and analyses that M&A investment bankers and acquirers utilize. Our goal is to identify and address common structural issues, crucial merger consequence analysis and structures and methodologies. It’s essential to translate fundamentals into different modeling techniques to determine common structural issues in a transaction (stock vs. asset purchase), merger consequence analysis including accretion / dilution and financial implications of a deal, building a fully functional accretion / dilution model that accounts for different transaction structures and sensitizing financial projections and the financial impact on a transaction.

Capitalization Planning and Evaluation of Financial Alternatives

There are a number of steps required as part of any major capitalization plan to attract investors including:

  • Converting a company’s basic revenue and expense assumptions into pro forma financial projections that conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) standards
  • Determining the optimal capitalization mix of equity, debt, leasing or any other financing methods to lower the ultimate cost of capital
  • Assessing the company’s minimum or maximum capitalization needs, thereby reducing the need to give up too much equity too soon and increasing the probability of capital attainment
  • Evaluating what affects a capitalization plan has on previously issued securities
  • Analyzing Internal Rates of Return (IRR) on a series of deal structure scenarios
  • Building an interactive financial model as a management planning tool to make qualified decisions for future capitalization planning
Data Room Management and Fundraising Process Support/Management

Determining the appropriate type of financing for a company is not only critical to the planning process but also highly dependent on the availability of capital whether in the form of equity, debt or a combination of both. We are consistently communicating with financing sources as part of our business practice and can advise and guide you toward the most viable avenues for funding. However, once you get the attention from any financing source, you need to be prepared to provide the data for due diligence and to continually support the needs for information to close the financing. We work alongside you to help with that heavy-lifting and to manage the stress typically associated with this process.

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