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RedHammer Mission

To be an industry leader in construction accounting, through the enablement of technology, accounting best practices, and industry expertise.

RedHammer History

10 Year Orange
RedHammer was started in 2011 to fulfill the greater need for Hawaii's small and mid-sized construction companies to have more timely, accurate, and informative financial and operational information. Bonding agents, large general contractors, and bankers confirmed what we were seeing:  Almost without exception, construction company owners and managers did not have the information to optimize their bidding, cash flow, and profits, and were not even sure that they knew the financial state of their own business!

We realized that we could make a huge difference in the operation and profitability of Hawaii's construction companies by giving them the benefit of the processes and analysis we developed.  With strong encouragement from construction industry insurance and finance providers, RedHammer was started.

The members of RedHammer have decades experience that enable us to provide our construction industry clients with the innovative and professional assistance that is required to get to the next level of success and beyond. We are dedicated to making our clients more competitive and more profitable (with less headaches) by giving the owners and managers of our client firms the kind of business insight that their competition simply does not have.

RedHammer Today & Tomorrow

Technology and innovation are key values for our firm.  We are continually refining our processes, improving the quality of our services, testing new tools, and developing our own solutions.  Our initiatives in process automation, actionable analytics, and cloud computing will increase the efficiency and accuracy of our operations.  As the data and technology improve, the need for trained accountants and consultants increases.  More information is useless unless you have a professional analyzing the data and working with you to determine the best course of action. 

Developing long lasting relationships with our clients is the nexus of our services.  While our client teams are available to serve our clients remotely, having our consultants physically visit and work out of their offices brings our partnerships to another level.
"I actually understand and use my financials now… [and] the reports are on time, which makes my banker happy. Things are under control!"
- Specialty Contractor, $5M in revenues
"We have definitely earned back our fee in implementing their recommendations. We recommend RedHammer to any construction company who wants to take their business to another level"
- Specialty Contractor, $7M in Revenues
"Going with RedHammer is a no-brainer.  We are getting our financials on time, and we get weekly job cost information.  We never had this before, and we are saving money."
- Specialty Contractor, $1.5M in revenues
"You guys are my best subcontractor--I can focus more on the opportunities now and even have a better idea of how fast we can move and the risks we can take."
- Real Estate Developer, $15M in revenues

RedHammer Approach

RedHammer realizes that small construction companies often struggle with hiring skilled office staff or finding the time to take care of the accounting, and computer technology they need. We handle these critical departments, and provide a cost-effective way to allow you to focus on the business of construction.

We optimize your financial system and procedures to seamlessly keep financial documents up-to-date and accurate. We will standardize your software to address job-costing issues, so you know if you’re making money on a job.
  • Quickly analyze job costs and identify issues and opportunities
  • Effectively plan for cash flow and financial needs
  • Accurately track invoices to ensure they are sent to the proper managers for approval and coded correctly
  • Timely delivery of all required financial reports
  • Most importantly… make more money
The services provided above make you more efficient. But RedHammer provides much more. Our clients have the strategic benefits of adding a CFO to your team. What if you had, at your fingertips the same financial support, advice and know-how generally reserved for the large contractors?
  • Identifying which jobs or types of jobs are most profitable
  • Effectively obtain bonding and financing
  • Advising you as to which months in the future are slower, to bid more competitively
  • Advising you as to which months are busy, so you can bid with greater profit margins
  • Optimizing your processes to cover Accounting Management, Operational Reporting, and Finance Management
  • Financial forecasting to show how much you will make at the end of the year

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