Top Construction Bookkeeping Firms

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Top Construction Bookkeeping Firms

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April 9, 2024

Our curated list of Top Construction Bookkeeping Firms is designed to serve as a dependable guide for businesses seeking partners with specialized and reliable bookkeeping expertise, and a proven track record.

In our selection process, we consider the factors that include the firms' depth of expertise, client feedback, technological capabilities, industry reputation, and accounting services offered. We also evaluate their proficiency in delivering compliant and accurate records of expenses and incoming payments, and facilitating efficient tax planning. More importantly, these firms that can deliver solutions that align with companies' unique construction bookkeeping needs.


Established in 2011, RedHammer simplifies the complexities of accounting so that construction businesses, construction company owners and managers can prioritize their core operations such as streamline bidding processes and improve cash flow management and ensure overall business success.

RedHammer specializes in providing customized accounting services tailored specifically for the construction industry, serving general contractors, specialty subcontractors, architects, and engineering firms. Their expertise includes optimizing financial systems, managing day-to-day accounting tasks, and refining banking processes to boost cash flow and enhance profitability.

RedHammer offers operational guidance, system implementations, bookkeeping, job cost reporting, and advanced accounting solutions such as capital advisory and fractional CFO services. With regional offices in Hawaii and Arizona, the firm's reach spans across the United States. Reach out to RedHammer today.

Telus International

Backed by over 19 years of industry experience and compliance with regulatory standards like FFIEC and PCI DSS, The company offers digital customer experience (CX) solutions and various services for  insurance, capital markets, banking, lending, card services, payments, and techfins, particularly for financial services and fintech brands.

CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA)

CLA is a professional services firm offering wealth advisory and accounting services. CLA boasts a team of 350 construction professionals offering audit, tax, and consulting services to over 5,250 clients. The company is part of CLA Global, an international network of independent accounting and advisory firms, with more than 120 locations in the United States.

The company provides comprehensive industry knowledge and specialized services such as business planning, risk management, cybersecurity, and succession planning, aiming to support long-term financial success and informed business decisions.

CLA offers a range of services for contractors and construction companies compliant with regional regulations.

Quatrro Business Support Services (QBSS)

QBSS offers solutions to improve efficiency and cut costs in the manufacturing industry, focusing on finance and accounting, HR management, and technology services. They provide a range of services including record-to-report, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, financial model development, and various advisory services.

QBSS has delivered over 3,500 financials and reconciled over 1 million bank transactions each month.

Hantzmon Wiebel LLP (HW LLP)

HW LLP is a leading independent accounting and professional services firm in Central Virginia. Founded in the early 1920s, the firm has evolved through various partnerships.

HW LLP offers financial audit services and advisory to help businesses such as those in higher education and business-related fields to stay on track with their finances. They provide tax planning services, with a focus on including foreign assets in estate plans, to ensure clients keep what they’ve worked for.


PYA was established in 1983, with a focus on long-term client relationships. The firm experienced rapid growth, requiring multiple office expansions. Offering services in audit, assurance, tax, and business advisory, PYA has gained recognition as a top CPA firm by USA Today, Forbes, and INSIDE Public Accounting, and is known for significant female ownership among accounting firms and is a Top 15 auditor of the nation’s largest health systems.

PYA offers expertise in tax, audit and assurance, IT, and management consulting. With over 350 employees and offices in six cities, PYA serves clients across the US from multiple locations including Knoxville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Helena, Kansas City, Nashville, and Tampa.


Payday offers Integrated HR Solutions, Cloud-Based Payroll, Automated Timekeeping, Comprehensive Benefits, offering consultative insights, collaborative implementation, and ongoing support to ensure that their solutions align with the unique needs of each business. They offer comprehensive benefits by streamlining plan selection, open enrollment, and payroll and HR integration.

They handle complex aspects of payroll, including deductions, withholdings, and integrations, using an efficient time and attendance management platform, custom technologies and workflows for recruiting, onboarding, compliance, and more.

Payday offers consultative insights, collaborative implementation, and ongoing support to ensure that their solutions align with the unique needs of each business.

SD Payroll Services LLC

SD Payroll Services LLC is a federally insured payroll company based in Saint Louis, Missouri that was founded in 1997. The company takes pride in having certified accountants with over 22 years of experience in the banking industry. Their extensive knowledge and on-hand resources make them one of the most efficient payroll companies in the US.

Ensuring knowledgeable and efficient service, they offer comprehensive payroll management and human resources services. They utilize simple online software and a single-point-of-contact approach for efficiency.

SD Payroll Services LLC has two offices, one in Missouri and one in Delaware.

DeBerry Financial Services

DeBerry Financial Services, LLC offers comprehensive support with flexible programs tailored to specific financial needs for tax filing and preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting, catering to both individuals and businesses. Their team consists of experienced professionals dedicated to guiding clients towards financial stability and long-term prosperity.

With over 40 years of experience, the company has been providing financial advice, with their certified bookkeepers offering solutions that include payroll, bank reconciliation and profit and loss balance sheets, aiming to reduce tax payment discrepancies, and emphasizing hassle-free processes and maximum return on investments.

Complete Controller

Complete Controller provides a team of experienced an dedicated U.S. bookkeepers, controllers, and accountants provide comprehensive accounting services. They offer structured billing management for predictable cash flow, catering to various professionals and service providers, with the flexibility to change personnel if needed. Their services include vendor profile updates, bill entry, and payment processes, aiming to streamline accounts payable management.

Complete Controller provides guidance in creating industry-standard budgets and custom financial reports for informed decision-making.

Octavo LLC

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the company specializes in comprehensive bookkeeping services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, aiming to drive their growth and success. Their offerings include bookkeeping setup and cleanup, payroll setup, HR structure development, policy drafting, and job description writing. Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, they provide ongoing management of books with QuickBooks Online, offering training and wholesale rates on QuickBooks products. Additionally, Octavo offers value services like payroll and grants management at affordable monthly rates.


The construction industry is a dynamic landscape, with each project presenting unique demands.

Accurate bookkeeping is vital for tracking revenue, costs, and payment schedules across diverse projects. By prioritizing tailored solutions such as  ensuring proper financial records and industry compliance, these firms support construction businesses to navigate complexities confidently.

In the realm of construction bookkeeping, reputable firms provide comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of construction companies. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, these firms pave the way for sustained financial success in the construction industry.

RedHammer specializes in delivering customizable accounting solutions for construction projects, with flexible contract options, aimed at enhancing your operational efficiency and cash flow. Outsource your construction bookkeeping needs to RedHammer today.

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